Welcome to the Elmer page. New to Amateur Radio? Finding a new interest in the hobby? or just need some help with a project. We have Elmers in a variety of subject areas ready to answer questions and help you in your interests.

David N2RSN n2rsn@arrl.net
General Interest, Winlink, MARS

Jim WO7V
General Interest, contesting, antennas, Fox Hunting

Jon KK6GXG jon@kk6gxg.com
General Interest, Packet, APRS, AREDN, Hamshack Hotline, Winlink, Radio Scouting, ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), serve as a Volunteer Examiner, serve in the ARRL Field Organization, service and leadership opportunities

If there is an area of the hobby you have skills in that you would like to share with club members and new hams please contact Jon KK6GXG to be added to the Elmer list.